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By Lev Gutman

The 1st in a proposed sequence of 3 books in regards to the Scotch online game. Many books were written approximately this chess starting yet such a lot simply hide previous research and reproduce video games from a database. This e-book is distinctive via its top quality and unique research, making it a 'must purchase' merchandise for membership and event gamers. A former moment of Viktor Korchnoi, the writer can be referred to as a good professional on starting thought.

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TtJb3 b6oo) 2 0 ... ttJc3 ttJe6= Piket - Dreev, Wijk aan Zee 1996. ie6 ! �d2 �d7 16. gabl as ! bxaS gxaS 18. Sokolov - Dreev, Hastings 2000. e4 This seemingly active move is not dangerous for Black. It is also connected with certain strategical risk for White, because of the ab­ sence of his dark-squared bishop. c4 c6 3. ttJc3 e6 S . e3 ttJd7 S . ttJxe4 Wlf4, which is considered to be quite satisfactory for Black. In our case, as you are going to see later, after 9 . . ttJxe4 Wlf4 1l . 0-0 0-0, there arises a similar structure, but in fact Black has an extra tempo, because White's 6.

LL\b3 lL\e6 19. l3fe1 ifB, with a complicated posi­ tion, which is not worse for Black, Kamsky - Aronian, Sochi 200B. O-O-O, because af­ ter B . . dxc4, he has hardly any compensation for the pawn. lL\e4 (9. e4? dS eS+) 9 . . �c3 ib7 14. ig2 0-0-0 and Black was better, since White's compen­ sation for the pawn was evidently insufficient. 8 dxe4 This is the main line for Black and it is the most popular. He used to choose only rarely B . . •. 37 Moscow Variation Chapter 4 much more often played in the tournament practice of some im­ minent players and it was no doubt very interesting.

The point is that after 12 . . ttJb6 13. dxc6 ! b3, besides the usual calm move 14 . . 0-0, Black can play a sharper move 14 . . g4, which leads to rather unclear positions, while in case of 12 . . ttJh4 ! h e does not have that possibility and after 14 . . b3, he is forced to enter a calmer forced variation. As you will see later however, he has nothing to fear in that case either. dxc6 ! White creates a weak pawn for his opponent on c6, but the posi- tion is so dynamic that he can hardly exploit this later.

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