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By Russell Blackford

Tackling a bunch of myths and prejudices in general leveled at atheism, this attractive quantity bursts with glowing, eloquent arguments on each web page. The authors rebut claims that diversity from atheism being simply one other faith to the alleged atrocities dedicated in its name.

  • An available but scholarly remark on hot-button matters within the debate over spiritual belief
  • Teaches serious pondering abilities via targeted, rational argument
  • Objectively considers every one fantasy on its merits
  • Includes a historical past of atheism and its advocates, an appendix detailing atheist firms, and an in depth bibliography
  • Explains the diversities among atheism and comparable innovations reminiscent of agnosticism and naturalism

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Unanswerable? The concept had better have some content, or scholarly discussions of the phenomenon of religion will lack boundaries; the courts will be unable to decide cases in which they need to work out whether, for example, Scientology is a religion for tax purposes; and claims that atheism is a religion will be simply meaningless. It appears to us that the situation is not hopeless and that some meaning can be given to the “atheism is a religion” claim. Consider the approach taken by Charles Taylor in his monumental study of the historical secularization of Western societies, A Secular Age.

Even that, however, is not the same as a claim to certainty—that is, a belief that is, or should be, held without doubt. The nature of scientific, naturalistic inquiry precludes any such certainty. Falsification still reigns supreme, and scientific findings are always regarded as provisional. Even where an atheist claims knowledge, that is no more than a claim that a certain belief is justified and true (and, perhaps, that it tracks the evidence in an appropriate way), not that it is established beyond all doubt.

Without god, what purpose is there in man's life? If we do not believe in god, how can we be certain of anything? If god does not exist, whom can we turn to in a time of crisis? If there is no afterlife, who will reward virtue and punish injustice? Without god, how can we resist the onslaught of atheistic communism? If god does not exist, what becomes of the worth and dignity of each person? Without god, how can man achieve happiness? (Smith, 1979, p. 6) There is an old saying about propaganda—probably not a myth (Macdonald, 2007, p.

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