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Crumbs from the Chess Board

This is often a precise replica of a booklet released sooner than 1923. this isn't an OCR'd booklet with unusual characters, brought typographical error, and jumbled phrases. This e-book can have occasional imperfections equivalent to lacking or blurred pages, bad images, errant marks, and so on. that have been both a part of the unique artifact, or have been brought by means of the scanning approach.

The Chess Player's Bedside Book

149pages. in8. cartonné jaquette.

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Nd6 19. b6 20. Nc4 Qg6 Be7 20. 21. Bd2! Qg5 e5 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. Nxe5 Rf4! h6 a3 gs Now wίth the threat ofNe5. In this wretched posίtion, Alekhίne real· izes that ίt ίs no use trying to hold everything, so why not have a run for his money? The last 20 moves are just skittles on his part (he took 15 mίnutes over them) . That was logical enough, for it would not pay to fatigue him· self-especially if he felt stale-just for a hun· dred-to-one chance, whίle Euwe would have to play wίth great care ίη any case.

He then surrenders a Qb5 f Nf3 Ne5! Nxd7 d5! Nc6 Rb8 Bd7 Qxd7 Nd4! pawn to make the win hard, and Euwe is not Alekhine correctly takes the bold course. happy till he has given ίt back for an attack­ If 10 ... Ne5, then 11. Bf4! If 10 ... Nd8, then which, however, requires such finesse to carry ll. e4! through that hectic excitement develops. Euwe's play is magnificent throughout. Euwe-Alekhine ll. Qd3 11. e3 13. e4 e5 Nf5 Nd6? Α fatal access of caution! Back into the jaws by 13 ... Nd4! was the only hope ofequal· Ι.

18. 19. Ne7! Bxe7 Qf7! Qf8! 10 ... dxe4! Now Whίte starts wίnnίng. Euwe has been cήtίcίzed for thίs gamble; but ίf 11 ... , then 12. Nf4 Rg5 (must) 13. a3! Bxc3t (ίf13 ... Ba5, then 14 dxc5) 14. Qxc3 and Whίte has too strong an ίnίtiatίve. These players don't dίscard obvίous moves wίthout a reason. The gamble loses, but Euwe reck­ oned ίt was more worth tryίng than defense. Black must go on wίth hίs ίdea. Eίther 13 ... Rg? or 13 ... Rh6 ίs knocked out by 14. Nh5. Nxg6 b3 Nxe7 h4 Qh8f QxfSt dxc3 Of course not 19.

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