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1~~ ~~:1-l C'\ -..... ~ ~q ~~:. §"t\~ ...... tr:t. ~'C. q -r ~s.. " Notes to Translation I. cong Chinese c'ung, Laufer 'Loan Words', see Tucci TTK p. 84 n. 125. 2. Stangs dbyal. Thomas (TLTD II p. 189), who mistakes this for a polite form of address, cites several variants: stang dbya/d; slangs byal; gtangs dbyal; stangs dgyal; slangs bsbya/. DTH p. 20 has btsanpo slangs dbyal. The term also appears in later literature in the rnamthar of the Fifth Dalai Lama and in a Sikkim gnas-yig. Professor D.

93 B 2. 2. served" the kingdom as I first took it (see p. 44). 55 REIGN OF KHRI LDE-SRONG-BRTSAN c. D. : INSCRIPTIONS AT ZHWA'I LHA-KHANG Translation loyal and has offered still greater gifts. When I considered that I should increase the favour granted by my edict the ban-de requested that I should not increase what had been granted by the former edict. Nevertheless, since it is right to bestow a favour that does not fall short, king and ministers consulted together and because. Ban-de Ting-nge-'dzin has offered great gifts over and above what had been given when the former edict was granted, in.

1. 75). But both sprul and 'phrul also denote magical transformation. There are many examples of sprul-pa in that sense in Emmerick, Tibetan Texts Concerning Khotan (see his index); while in the Mahavyutpatti 3083, 'phru{ has the Sanskrit equivalent nirmita. Compliments in letters included in the Tun-huang mss include lha dang 'dra (TLTD II 382 (78) and 'phrul dang 'dra (ibid. p. 185) which might suggest that /ha 'phrul in the inscription at Khri Ldesrong-brtsan's tomb ·n. 13 and 22 (pp. 86, 88 below) and in the Lhasa Treaty inscription East, l.

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