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By Gary Lachman

The occult was once an important impression at the Renaissance, and it obsessed the preferred thinkers of the day. yet with the Age of cause, occultism used to be sidelined; basically charlatans came upon any use for it. Occult rules didn't disappear, even if, yet fairly went underground. It constructed right into a fruitful resource of thought for plenty of very important artists. Works of brilliance, occasionally even of genius, have been produced below its impression. In a dismal Muse, Lachman discusses the Enlightenment obsession with occult politics, the Romantic explosion, the futuristic occultism of the fin de siècle, and the deep occult roots of the modernist stream. many of the writers and thinkers featured during this hidden historical past of western concept and sensibility are Emanuel Swedenborg, Charles Baudelaire, J. ok. Huysmans, August Strindberg, William Blake, Goethe, Madame Blavatsky, H. G. Wells, Edgar Allan Poe, and Malcolm Lowry.

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But he adds also that some things were false’. In trying to explain away this unwelcome evidence that part of the evidence was, Robert Hunt and the Somerset Witches 23 according to Hunt, ‘false’, More conjectures that Cox had not confessed so freely to Hunt as she had ‘to some other Justice, whose examination therefore was made use of in the court’ ‘for he also having some time examined her, and she making no such confession to him (as Mr G. himself says in a letter to Dr M. 28 This proves that there was material in Hunt’s book (his examination of Cox) not used by Glanvill, and presumably not available to More in 1680–1, when he edited Glanvill’s work, or he would have referred to it directly.

If the latter, was this by Hunt, or might there be other educated people instead of (or perhaps as well as) Hunt who might have stimulated unusual accusations and fears in that region? There is no real evidence to answer the first of these questions, and Hunt’s own correspondence is silent on the subject, though it is possible that his record of collaboration with the Protectorate and his evident distaste in pursuing conventiclers might have made even an ex-Royalist like Hunt suspect as a Puritan to some of those in authority in 1665.

W. (a detail not found in the other two texts, but correctly naming White and his office, so presumably authentic). His deposition largely reports observing flies sucking her during the night, and in all three versions Style confesses to him that the fly was her familiar. W. continues, ‘then the sayd Eliza. Style confessed she had made a covenant with the devill; and that she had signed it with her blood, which the devill had out of her finger next her little finger on her right hand. And that a man in blacke did usually appeare to the sayd Eliz.

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