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By Antony G. Flew

This is a brand new, up to date and revised version of a reference paintings that has proved helpful as a device for the coed of philosophy, in addition to a instruction manual for the overall reader. From the classical thinkers via Aquinas, Descartes, Spinoza, Kant, as much as the fashionable age of Russell and Wittgenstein, this finished dictionary spans the personalities, terminology, and vocabulary of countless numbers of philosophers over hundreds of thousands of years.

This moment variation of a huge and necessary paintings has been thoroughly revised, and fifteen new significant articles were further. Now, greater than ever earlier than, A Dictionary of Philosophy is an important and well timed paintings for the trendy scholar of thought.

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Edited through Alfred Stepan and Charles Taylor

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Argumentum a fortiori. See a fortiori. Aristotelianism. Aristotelianism and *Neoplatonism stand like twin colossi astride the medieval world arena of philosophical thought. At various times they clashed, mingled, and separated but the product was always fruitful and provided further scope for philosophical development. Aristotelianism itself is an umbrella term that covers both the spread and study of Aristotle's doctrine as well as the deliberate adoption and practice, or, indeed, perversion, of that doctrine by various groups.

By experience one learns that certain sensations occur together in the perception of any object; one forms a concept of an object in terms of the atheism possible group of sensations associated with its perception. asymmetric. See relation. asymptotic. Denoting a line or series that approaches nearer and nearer to a curve or limit but will never reach that curve or limit within a finite distance. The moves of Achilles and the tortoise in Zeno's paradox are of this kind (see Zeno's paradoxes). ataraxia.

Any hope for personal survival after death must thus rest with the one exception to this close dependence of psyche on body. One rather obscure capacity involved in abstract thought is said not to involve any organ of the body and thus possibly to survive death. This is pure form and it is not clear how pure forms are to be individuated. Aristotle says so little about this that the view of the great 12thcentury Arab commentator, *Averroes, that there is just one of these pure forms for the whole human race, cannot be ruled out.

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