Download A Druid's Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants: by Jon G. Hughes PDF

By Jon G. Hughes

A realistic consultant to making plant extracts, essences, and complexes to be used in Druidic intercourse magic rituals

• Explores the identity, harvesting, and magical homes of greater than 70 vegetation and timber
• info the cautious and meticulous spagyric guidance of plant extracts and complexes
• Demonstrates how plant compounds are utilized in Druidic intercourse magic rituals through either and teams

In this functional advisor to Druidic plant magic, Jon G. Hughes finds the light alchemy of changing plant essences into effective compounds for operating intercourse magic rituals. interpreting the id, harvesting, and magical houses of greater than 70 plant life and bushes, he information the cautious and meticulous spagyric instruction of plant extracts and complexes in addition to the method of acquiring or developing appropriate alcoholic spirits for the bottom of those arrangements. He contains directions to make all beneficial instruments and explores the way to organize your self to paintings with plant essences and correctly use the mystical compounds you create.

Hughes explains tips on how to free up the energies, therapeutic attributes, and magical capacities of plants and bushes in the course of the respectful seduction of a plant’s advantage and the 3-step spagyric means of separation, purification, and reunification. He indicates how the spagyric strategy maximizes the facility of the obtained essence in training for its use in magical ritual. Detailing Druidic intercourse rituals for either a pair and a bunch, Hughes demonstrates how plant compounds are utilized in particular magical rituals and practices in addition to the position of the plant complicated in sexual efficiency. Exploring the underlying accord among alchemy and Druidic practices, Hughes presents a important handbook for an individual wishing to harness the mystical strength of plant power.

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