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By K. R. Norman

This quantity comprises somewhat revised models of the lectures given via Professor Norman as Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai traveling Professor on the college of Oriental and African reports from January to March 1994. The lectures are designed for readers with little

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55 D II 156, 18–19. A philological approach to Buddhism 28 12-fold chain I am not implying that that was necessarily the form in which the Buddha rehearsed it immediately after the awakening, but it is clear that that was the standard form at some time or other. It is interesting because it seems to be a calculated attempt by the Buddha to work out what he had just achieved. It goes, as is well known: avijjā “compounded formations”, these produce “ignorance” produces “consciousness”, this produces nāmarūpa “name and form”, this produces “the six senses”, they produce phassa “contact”, this produces vedanā “feeling”, this produces “craving”, this produces upādāna “clinging”, this produces bhava “old age and “existence”, this produces jāti “birth”, and this produces death”.

Eten’ upāyena Sakkā (Ja II 312, 19–22). A philological approach to Buddhism 22 commentator Buddhaghosa tells a story that Sakka once died while listening to a discourse from the Buddha, and was immediately reborn again as Sakka,17 so that he could continue to hear the sermon. 18 We find echoes of statements in the Buddha’s sermons, and it would therefore seem likely that any technical terminology he employed which has parallels in the would be heard by those who were already conversant, if only to a usage.

28 Kalupahana, 1986, 139. 29 Jayasekera, 1992, 92. 30 Carter & Palihawadana, 1987, 312. Strangely enough they translate anattā in the gloss as “not self”. 31 M I 141, 11. 32 For the occurrences of brahman in the Pāli canon, see Bhattacharya, 1989. A philological approach to Buddhism 24 the sense of “excellent, perfect”. e. the living of a celibate life, learning the Vedas. e. a holy, celibate (or in the case of married couples, a chaste and moral) life”. In the brahma-patha means “the way to brahman or Brahmā”.

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