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By John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

This re-creation of A Strategic starting Repertoire is either revised and improved. The strains awarded the following – in keeping with 1. Nf3, 2.c4 and 3.g3 – will serve a participant good all through his occupation as they're according to reliable positional rules with an emphasis on realizing instead of memorizing.

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W e 4 \t' g 6 7 6 . 0. \t e l 7 8. \t fS+ W f6 79. i eJ D raw ':.

Ii[ a7 b6 16. li)b4 g5 19. Ab7 Ii[b8 22. /0:6li)xc6 25 . g4± Fedorowicz• 24 • 3 8 . g4 ! A very fine move that leaves Black to choose between giving White a passed pawn or a weakne ss on f5 to play against. J8 fxg4 3 9 . >h 7 4 0 . A xg4 h 5 4 1 . A e2 l::i: e6 4 2 . A c4 l::i: f6 4 J . >h 6 4 4 . : a 7 A rs 45. h4 Fixing the weakness on g6 forever. 45 A g7 4 6 . A f7 A f8 4 7. A gs A g7 4 8 . A f7 A rs 49. >fJ A c5 50. l::i: c 7 A d6 5 t . l::i: d 7 W g7 ? A e6+ 1 : 0 ••• ••. 19 Edmar Mednis Alonso Zapata Amsterdam further comme nt.

L:t g6 'if f7 39. g3 g6 4 . tg2 i. tg4 [8 . . b5 lll d8 1 1 . lll g5 h6 1 2 . lll ge4 lll xe4 1 3 . h3?? 14 . txh6 ! txg2 1 5 . il.. xg7 Wxg7 16. �h1 f5 2 l . d3 cS H. b4 •cs Systems w i l h . . il.. d7 and ... �c8 give W hi te l oo free a hand, with or without . . a7-a5. h� lll e 7 . , ... Axd6 l:fd8 21. lll a5? J. lll ec4 e3! fxe3 nJitet It's a tough call here whether to preserve the Bishop. The moves l: e l and A h l cost time which could be used for accelerated queenside play. l:el and l l .

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