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By Arthyr W. Chadbourne

Your personal fact Will Set You loose! The crazy-making global of the various fake ideals we carry as fact is extra like a zoo within ourselves than an prepared library of idea. What do you belief approximately your self which are misconceptions? Lear n how one can swap your trust process to accomplish 50% extra of what you really need from lifestyles. learn how this brilliant and easy strategy can position you able past your wildest desires.

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Once your list has been written out, READ it EVERY MORNING upon awakening and read it again EVERY EVENING just before retiring to bed. I DO suggest that the VERY FIRST item on your list should be some little thing that has no significance to you such as a little knick-knack, an oddly shaped candle, anything you don’t really need. Now no FAITH or BELIEF is necessary. Simply read the list at the designated times and watch for the results. The list will set up a direct contact with the I AM within you and things will start to happen.

SYMBOLS OF 50% All of the preceding pages are not mere conjecture. With a little common sense and research, it is easy to reach the same conclusions as I have. ALL RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS point out the fact that WE are responsible for our own lives. To find the richness in this world and the understanding necessary to achieve the PEACE WHICH SURPASSETH UNDERSTANDING. We MUST find the NEUTRALIZING factor of FIFTY PER CENT, OR THE CENTER OF MIDDLE PATH! Unfortunately there is not a uniform symbol for many Muslims.

Once this principle is grasped, we will recognize the world REACTING to our thought patterns and happening FOR us and not TO us. In other words, the world happens FOR US not TO US. WE ARE THE SOLE SOVEREIGN RULER OF OUR EXISTENCE CREATING OUR SURROUNDINGS, OUR FRIENDS, OUR MISFORTUNES, EVERYTHING WE ARE CONNECTED WITH IS BASED UPON OUR OWN PERSONAL BELIEF! The great teachers, remember, stated that they were IN this world, not OF it, manipulating the physical world but placing no false value on it.

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