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By Bo Mattiasson, Lei Ye

Managed radical polymerization options for molecular imprinting, by way of Mark E. Byrne
From bulk polymers to nanoparticles, by way of Lei Ye
Post-imprinting and in-cavity functionalization, via Toshifumi Takeuchi
Characterization of MIPs (affinity, selectivity, website heterogeneity…), via Richard Ansell
Theoretical features and computing device modelling, through Ian Nicholls
MIPs in aqueous environments, via Bin Lu
MIPs for binding macromolecules, by means of Kenneth J. Shea
Solid section extraction, through Ecevit Yilmaz
Sensors, by way of Sergey A. Piletsky
MIPs for catalysis and synthesis, through Marina Resmini
Wastewater remedy, through Bo Mattiasson
MIPs as instruments for bioassays, biotransformation and drug supply, by means of Meiping Zhao

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Alternatively the cyanogenic glycosides can be utilised by b-cyanoalanine synthetase, a process in which they are refixed by reaction with L-cysteine to form b-cyanoalanine. This is then hydrolysed by b-cyanoalanine hydrolase to L-asparagine and hence in this sequence the HCN can be considered as a nitrogen source for amino acid synthesis [10, 11]. Presently, the Hnls from eleven cyanogenic plants (from six plant families) have been purified and characterised and the properties of a selection of them are outlined in Table 1.

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