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This work was also supported by DAI Wen-chao, who is a engineer in institute of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. 23. cn Keywords: Lognormal distribution; statistical damage softening constitutive model; determination of parameters; geometry boundary condition method. Abstract. Based on the property that micro-cells strength is consistent with lognormal distribution function, this paper presented a new statistical damage softening constitutive model simulating the full process of strain softening for rock.

1 Analytical procedure of LFF method Damage D can be defined as 1/Nf and critical damage D0=1, respectively. According to Miner’s linear cumulative damage theory, fatigue damage model can be expressed as ∆ε 2 2 (2) 2 b (σ ′f − σ m ) D −b + 2 c ε ′f D − c = σ ′f E 2 where ∆ε/2 is strain amplitude and σm is mean stress. 2 Fatigue crack propagation model Generally, crack tip material will be failure when the accumulate fatigue damage reaches the critical value D0. Due to small scale yielding ahead of the crack tip, a discontinuous crack propagation assumption was made [14], therefore, nominal crack incremental step can be supposed to be the plastic zone size along the crack propagation direction which is perpendicular to the maximum principal strain direction.

1) on the oil rig is composed of Caliper Support Arm (1), Main Caliper Assembly (2), Emergency Caliper Assembly (3), Disc (4) and Disc Adapter (5). Caliper Support Arm (1) is the base of the Caliper Assembly and Emergency Caliper Assembly, and it is fixed on the beam of hoist engine. Disc is whirling with the roller of hoist engine. Caliper Assembly and Emergency Caliper Assembly are the key parts of the HDBS, and there are controlled by the hydraulic system by adjusting the braking pressure of the hydraulic cylinder [1].

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