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By John Zerzan & Kevin Tucker

“Read it and you may by no means reflect on civilization within the comparable means again.”—Kirkpatrick Sale

This anthology approximately "the pathology of civilization" bargains perception into how development and know-how have resulted in vacancy and alienation.

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So when we know this rich heritage, when we reach into the heart of our being and know that humans very like ourselves lived a good two million years in this way of being, we are awed, and the scum at the top of the pond, the curdled milk of history, our obsession with technicality, pours off and we are left with the pure froth of Being. -43- MINIMA MORALIA: REFLECTIONS FROM DAMAGED LIFE (1947) THEODOR ADORNO T oy shop. ’ It is because in all the brightly-coloured contorted marionettes, we see the revolving cylinder that sets them in motion, and because for this very reason the captivating variety of life is reduced to wooden monotony.

OUTSIDE CIVILIZATION Trees, fish and insects are free as they grow from seed to maturity, each realizing its own potential, its wish—until the insect’s freedom is curtailed by the bird’s. The eaten insect has made a gift of its freedom to the bird’s freedom. The bird, in its turn, drops and manures the seed of the insect’s favorite plant, enhancing the freedom of the insect’s heirs. The state of nature is a community of freedoms. Such was the environment of the first human communities, and such it remained for thousands of generations.

Some of the women learned from birds and winds to scatter seeds. Some of the men learned from wolves and eagles to hunt. But none of them ever worked. And everyone knows it. The armored Christians who later “discovered” these communities knew that these people did no work, and this knowledge grated on Christian nerves, it rankled, it caused cadavers to peep out. The Christians spoke of women who did “lurid dances” in their fields instead of confining themselves to chores; they said hunters did a lot of devilish “hocus pocus” before actually drawing the bowstring.

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