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C pC1 p Á2 ; p; Pp1;01 . / to each element. t u Moreover, we construct a posteriori error estimates for 1. We replace u D ek C Uk in (1a), multiply by a test function V and, integrate over Œxk ; xkC1  to obtain Superconvergence of Discontinuous Galerkin Method to Nonlinear Differential. . x/ is obtained by mapping Ä PpC1 . / D . 1/ Pp1;0 . / C . p C 1 2 1;0 / Pp 1 . / p to Œxk ; xkC1 . Testing against V D PQpC1 and solving (10) for ˛pC1;k . we measure the accuracy of a posteriori error estimates using the effectivity index defined by s ÂDs N P kD0 N P kD0 jjEk jj2k jju : Uk jj2k A posteriori error estimates are considered asymptotically exact, if the effectivity index converges to 1 under x or p refinements.

Xi /j . x1 ; x2 //: Fig. K. Balyan We now describe the terms which shall be needed in sequel. Oum /Á Áx2 : Let s be a side common to the elements m and n : We may assume that s is the image of Á D 1 under the mapping Mm which maps S to m and also the image of Á D 1 under the mapping Mn which maps S to n : We now define the jumps at the inter-element Boundaries: kŒuk20; s D kOum . ; 1/ uO n . um /x1 . un /x1 . um /x2 . un /x2 . ; 1/k21=2;I : Here I D (-1,1). Now we define Z Z j Lui j2 dx1 dx2 D j Lui j2 Ji d dÁ: (5) S i Here Ji .

T / C0 e t : The proof is detailed in [1]. Proposition 4. For f0 0 we suppose: i) f0 2 B 1 . t /: Proof. i i /. B. Rejeb Definition 5. x; t / 2 0; Œg; where A1 and A2 are positive constants. x; y/. g/ We have to prove that ˆ is a continuous map from S to itself, which will prove the existence of a solution in S . g/ T 1=2 by virtue of (16) and the condition imposed to f0 in proposition (4), it’s easy to see that f 2 S if g 2 S . Q / ! 0 when n ! C1: Lemma 6. Q / The proof is detailed in [1]. On Classical Solution in Finite Time of BGK-Poisson’s Equations 19 Theorem 7.

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