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Providing a holistic viewpoint of the Hmong lifestyle, this e-book touches on each point of the Hmong tradition, together with an summary in their historical past and traditions, relationships among Hmong mom and dad and their youngsters, the rites and traditions of Hmong marriage ceremony and funeral ceremonies, the social gathering of the Hmong New yr, domestic regulations and different superstitious taboos, arts and politics. The ebook positive factors and explains many Hmong phrases, words and proverbs.

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So instead of addressing people with a surname, Hmong people address each other with kinship. Hmong people have no established official or academic titles such as president or doctor. If any such terms are used, they are borrowed from other languages. Hmong refer to ourselves as relatives (tub Hmoob neej tsa). It means that all Hmong of different last names are related by marriage. Two people of different last names must be related by marriage somehow. Two perfect strangers can determine their relationship to each other by figuring out if there are existing marriages between their two clans.

A maternal uncle is da lao (dab laug) and his wife is nia da lao (niam dab laug). 2: Kinship from a boy’s perspective The mother’s sister is nia tai (niam tais) just like the maternal grandmother. Nia lao (niam laus) is used for an older sister, and nia hlua (niam hluas) for younger sisters. She calls her brother nu (nus) and sister-in-law nyah (nyab). Her older sister is nia lao (niam laus) and her husband is tzee lao (txiv laus). As for a younger sister, it’s nia hlua (niam hluas) and tzee hlua (txiv hluas) for her husband.

Avoid shorts and tube-tops or spaghetti straps, especially when adult male family members are around. At the same time, however, Hmong do not see women’s breasts as sexual objects. Do not be surprised if you see older Hmong women walk around with bare breasts or breastfeeding babies in front of other people. Breastfeeding is a natural part of childbearing, and that is just the way Hmong people see it. Of course, in the Western world exposing the breasts is inappropriate, and we are mindful of that.

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