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By Godfrey Higgins

Anacalypsis is the name of a long two-volume treatise written via non secular historian Godfrey Higgins in 1833. The publication is densely written, in language that during areas seems cryptic. It has hidden layers of which means, it searches for the common beginnings of faith, and took two decades to accomplish. This book is out there at a fragment of the price of the Print model.

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269, line 17, insert Note 5 in the text . ET ERRATA Page 274, line 13, for `and,' read had ; and, in line 26, interchange Pra and Bra. 285, line 32, for' depend,' read depends. 289, line 3 from bottom, after `utility,' insert a comma . 296, line 1, for Cab; read Gab . 304, line 1, for ' Dyonyg,' read Dyonys. fig . 18,' read fig . 19. -319, line 18, for' Dyouisius,' • read Dionysus . 329, line 10, for ' translating the LXX. into Greek, read, translating the Hebrew into the . Greek LXX. line 29, for fig .

Ticularly as I consider that the removal of all doubt respecting the antiquity of the 16 or Cadmean letter system is necessary, several very important consequences being drawn from it, which have an intimate relation to the doctrines developed in the following work . 2. In an inquiry into the origin of nations, or into the early history of mankind, one of the very first objects which offers itself to our attention is the invention of letters and numbers . Of this we have no actual information to which the least attention can be paid ; for I suppose no one listens to such stories as those of their invention by Hermes or Mercury in Egypt, or Hercules in Gaul ; it is therefore evident that to theory, and to theory alone, we must have recourse for the solution of the difficulty.

166, line 15, for' LubPre,' read Loubere . 175, line 5 from the bottom, for . ' Mauwautara,' read Macwantara . 175, line 19, for ' double,' read doubled. 181, line 23, in ' Nonnius,' dole i . 188, in note 1, for' 708,' read 608 ; and for' 725,' read 625 . 192, line 18, insert a comma after 'thee ;' and for `calls,' read invokes. 201 . line 23, before ' Nlelchisedek,' insert that ; and, after it, was thought . 226, line 24, for 'twelfth,' read tenth. 230, in note 1, before ' plates,' read any .

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