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By Higgins, Godfrey ESQ

The treasure of data got in the course of the examine of languages is to unencumber the presents of antiquity. This e-book is an try and draw apart the veil of the "saitic isis" or an inquiry into the starting place of languages, international locations and religions.

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But I suppose they did not name them for the same reasons that the Roman historians never named Stonehenge, Abury, or Carnac-each of the two latter equal to the greatest Pyramid,-and for the same reasons that our early English historians never named Abury . If these monuments had possessed inscriptions, which conveyed historical information, they would probably have been named . If the historians had been in search of antiquarian curiosities, the case would have been different ; but they were in search both of ancient and modern empires, and it is totally incredible that the nation of Solomon could have been overlooked, if its history, as told in the Bible, be true .

M. De Salverte correctly observes, the same principle may be seen to prevail in many sovereigns who always took the same name-for example, the Syrian kings the names of Adad ; the Egyptian kings the name of Pharaoh ; and many others who probably do not understand the reason of the custom . 3 Very justly indeed has M. , are only dynasties of the nature of Lamas,-i . e . re-incarnations. In the same way Mohamed was a renewed incarnation of Jesus, and of Buddha ; and this was the reason why the images of Buddha were spared in the East by the Saracens .

Number XXV. Vol. XIII . ' • The Vedas have been mentioned before in Book III . Chap. I. Sect 8, and Chap . II. Sect. 9 . 15 Vol . I. p . 865. 766 Veda • entitled Gjdvid6n Chrad, i . e. the eternal Wisdom, which is older than all the writings of " Zoroaster, and ascribed to one of their kings called Hushang. "' Ja-Vedan is the Wisdom of Ja, or Je, or Jah. The Buddhists are said to have Vedahs as well as the Brahmins . The sacred books of most nations seem to have been called the books of wisdom.

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