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Part of the water reaching the ground is quickly evaporated and returned to the 22 Applied Hydrometeorology atmosphere. The rest seeps into the soil. Some of the soil water is used up by plants and is returned to the atmosphere by evapotranspiration. The remaining water percolates to become ground water. The ground water moves slowly and emerges as streamflow or reaches the ocean floor. When the rainfall is heavy and the soil is saturated the surface water flows into streams and lakes to eventually reach the oceans by stream flow.

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 2 1880 Although the average annual flow of water in various rivers is 1,880 km3, because of the limitation due to topography, climate and soil conditions only about 720 km3 of water can be used. There are some 3,000 dams in India and the total storage available in these dams is about 132 km3. 7 HYDROLOGIC CYCLE There is a continuous chain of movement and interchange of water between the oceans, the atmosphere and the land surface and below the land surface; this chain, as shown in Fig.

Air that descends is compressed by the higher pressure and warms while air that rises expands and is cooled. When it does so, its temperature change, according to the gas law and the first law of thermodynamics which can be combined as P= = RT dQ = CpdT – adp For adiabatic process. dQ = 0. 286. Obviously, when no heat is added to or taken from the gas, the temperature change is the result entirely of the pressure change. 19) Atmospheric Processes 47 where T1 and P1 are the temperature and pressure, respectively, at an initial level, P2 is the pressure at another level to which air moves, and T2 is the resulting temperature at the new level.

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