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By Marie E. Beckner, Mary L. Stracke, Lance A. Liotta, Elliott Schiffmann

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A strong argument for the necessity of a top-down stage for the recognition of heavily degraded signals, such as faces in deep shadow, is given in Cavanagh (1991). Neural net theory has gone in both directions: while 'back propagation' nets categorize in an exclusively bottom-up manner (only using feedback in their learning phase), the 'attractive neural nets' with symmetric connections (Hopfield, 1982; D. Amit, 1989) seek not merely to categorize but also to construct the prototype ideal version of the category by a kind of pattern completion which they call 'associative memory'.

G. subsets S c R 2 with smooth boundary. The analog of blurring a signal is to let the boundary of S evolve by diffusion proportional to its curvature (see Gage & Hamilton, 1986; Grayson, 1987; Kimia, Tannenbaum & Zucker, 1993). Although there is no theory of this at present, one should certainly have a multi-scale description of S starting from its coarse diffused form - which is nearly round - and adding detailed features at each scale. In yet another direction, face recognition algorithms have been based on matching a crude blurry face template at a low resolution, and then refining this match, especially at key parts of the face like the eyes.

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