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I start by paddling slowly. The reason I did those one hundred percent bursts, is so I would feel I was in the middle of a workout, where you have worked up a really good sweat. I also wanted to feel what it feels like to go all out, before the race. Then you don't have to search for that feeling when you get into the race; you've already felt it. What I had discovered through experience was that when I do 250's ten times, or "minute" intervals ten times, I usually feel best on the fourth to the sixth one.

I achieved half that goal. It was my goal before the boycott. It was realistic before the boycott, but it would have been very, very tough to do. After the boycott it became much more realistic. Certainly if I didn't win one gold medal, I would've been very disappointed. The competitors know each other's strengths and weaknesses and you know what to expect when you line up on a starting line. I knew that there would be a couple of strong competitors in each race, but if I hadn't won either race it would have really been a sub-par performance each race.

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