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By Walter Schachermayer

A classical subject in Mathematical Finance is the idea of portfolio optimization. Robert Merton's paintings from the early seventies had huge, immense impression on educational examine in addition to at the paradigms guiding practitioners.

One of the ramifications of this subject is the research of (small) proportional transaction bills, corresponding to a Tobin tax. The lecture notes current a few remarkable contemporary result of the asymptotic dependence of the proper amounts whilst transaction expenses are likely to zero.

An attractive characteristic of the respect of transaction expenditures is that it makes it possible for the 1st time to reconcile the no arbitrage paradigm with using non-semimartingale types, similar to fractional Brownian movement. This results in the culminating theorem of the current lectures which approximately reads as follows: for a fractional Brownian movement inventory cost version we constantly discover a shadow cost procedure for given transaction expenditures. This strategy is a semimartingale and will for this reason be handled utilizing the standard equipment of mathematical finance.

Keywords: Portfolio optimization, transaction charges, shadow expense, semimartingale, fractional Brownian movement

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18) we observe that the above domains were chosen to have 1−θ 1−θ 1 gc (1) < 0. Hence for fixed c ∈ ] 1−θ θ , ∞[ (resp. 19) we obtain gc (s) < s, for s 1 sufficiently close to s = 1. 1 is a picture of the qualitative features of the function gc (·) on s ∈ [1, sˆ[. 20) (resp. 21)) vanishes. The function gc is strictly increasing on [1, sˆ[; it is concave in a neighborhood of s = 1, then has a unique inflection point in ]1, sˆ[, and eventually is convex between the inflection point and the pole sˆ.

The reason why we shift the 26 2 Utility maximization under transaction costs: The case of finite Ω indexation for t by 1 will be discussed in the more general continuous time setting in Chapter 4 again. 31), and deduce from the solution of (PxS ) the solution of (Px ). In fact, this idea will turn out to work very nicely in the applications (see Chapter 3). Here is a formal definition [50]. 7. Fix a process (St )Tt=0 and 0 ≤ λ < 1 such that (NAλ ) is satisfied, as well as a utility function U and an initial endowment x ∈ D as above.

St , depending 1 . 31) for t = 0, . . , T. The predictable process (Hˆ t )Tt=1 denotes the holdings of stock during the intervals (]t − 1, t])Tt=1 . 30) indicates that the utility maximizing agent, trading ˜ increases their investment in stock only when S˜ optimally in the frictionless market S, equals the ask price S. 31) indicates the analogous result for the case of decreasing the investment in stock. , to investment decisions done at time t − 1, where t − 1 ranges from 0 to T . One may check that, defining Hˆ 0 = Hˆ T +1 = 0, this reasoning also extends to the trading decisions at time t = 0 and t = T + 1.

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