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Words, for women, are emotional tools, just like hammers and saws are, for men, physical tools. Both reliably produce solid results. Words, for women, are rich experiences, things to be felt and savored. Words, for women, are as powerful as bombs or bouquets. When you speak to a woman, you have the opportunity to create a rich, colorful, intense experience that transports her into the world of her own fantasies. When you give her what she dreams about, she finds it easy and natural to give you access to her body.

Men process language for information. 4. Women process language both for information and emotional content. 5. Words, for women, produce strong emotions. 6. Meta-feelings are emotions about physical events or other emotions. 7. The more abstract the meta-feeling, the more influential it is. 8. Women stack abstract words on top of each other in order to create meta-feelings. 9. You can stack abstract words atop one another to create strong emotions in women. 10. The more meta-feelings, the more emotions that you describe as following from a single event, the deeper the responses you elicit— each new emotion you describe sends her further into herself and generates a stronger emotional response.

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