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By Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov

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This can be an actual copy of a ebook released sooner than 1923. this isn't an OCR'd booklet with unusual characters, brought typographical error, and jumbled phrases. This e-book can have occasional imperfections akin to lacking or blurred pages, bad photographs, errant marks, and so forth. that have been both a part of the unique artifact, or have been brought through the scanning procedure.

The Chess Player's Bedside Book

149pages. in8. cartonné jaquette.

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What is the Bishop's Opening? Kibitzer 27. Keres, Paul. " Dreispringerspiel bis Konigsgambit. Berlin: Sportverlag 1974. 207213. Kosten, Tony. Winning with the Philidor Defense. New York: Henry Holt 1992. Lane, Gary. Winning with the Bishop's Opening. New York: Henry Holt 1993. Larsen, Bent. Chapter C24 in Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO). Beograd 1981. Lasker, Emmanuel. Lasker's Manual of Chess. Dover. Leach, Colin. Bishop's Opening. Self published 1990. Available from Chess Digest. West, James.

Qf6 10. Qxa5 cxd5 12. Bb3? Ne2 c2+ 13. Bd5 c6 20. Ke2 Kb8 0-1 Dublin-Glasgow, Correspondence 1874. Nf3! Qa3! Qc4! 0–0 Be6 13. Qxg2? 13. d5! f4! Ba3! Qb3! Nf3 Be6?! O-O!? Ng5 Nf8?! Bxd6! Qb5+ Kc7 21. Qh4+!? 6. Rh4 Qf5! 0–0 Bb6+ 11. Nf3 exf4 7. d4! O-O!? b5!? Kf2 Nf6 (Now White seems to quickly get the better of it. Ne7! 9. Ba3!? Qxa5! Nxf7 d5!? (12.... g5!? f3!? Qe4! Qe3! f2+ 19. Nf6+ 1-0 Macov--Stoilov, Bulgaria 1975. Bc4 . . Bc5 Links & Acknowledgments Download PGN Games The literature on the Bishop's Opening is quite extensive and there are a number of good articles on the web that offer analysis.

Kxh6 Ke6 1-0 Delanoy--Kamenecki, Cannes Open 2000. Nf3. Nf3 Nf6! Bxd6 Re8 =+ Paulsen--Asbeck, Dusseldorf 1863. Qh5!? Ne7! Qa4 Ba6 12. Qh5+! Qe3 =, but not 10.... Qxg2? Qe5+! Qxc7 Nf6?! Qxg2 12. Re1 Bc4 19. Nc2 Rfa5 23. Bf6 Nd2 32. Kh2 Kf8 37. Be3 Nd5 41. Rg8+ 1-0 Narmontas-Petraitis, Radviliskis 1995. Nf3! Bxc3+ (8.... dxc3! Ne5! Ne7?! g6! Bxf7+!? a4! Bd7! Bg5 Be8 Harding) 13. Qxc7 Nc6 (If 17.... Rd6 1-0 Jensen-Zagorovski, Correspondence 1993-1995. Qe7! Bxf7+?! Qxf7 9. Qg5?! Ne2 Qxg2 12. Ba3?! g6?!

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