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2 E7018M [E4918M] is intended to be used with dcep type current in order to produce the optimum mechanical properties. However, if the manufacturer desires, the electrode may also be classified as E7018 [E4918] provided all the requirements of E7018 [E4918] are met. 3 In addition to their use on carbon steel, the E7018M [E4918M] electrodes are used for joining carbon steel to high-strength low-alloy steels and higher carbon steels. Fillet welds made in the horizontal and flat welding positions have a slightly convex weld face, with a smooth and finely rippled surface.

The smaller diameters provide a less penetrating arc than is obtained with E6012 [E4312] electrodes. This may result in incomplete penetration in fillet welded joints. 2 The iron powder also permits the use of higher amperages than are used for E6012 [E4312] and E6013 [E4313] electrodes. The amount and character of the slag permit E7014 [E4914] electrodes to be used in all positions. 3 The E7014 [E4914] electrodes are suitable for welding carbon and low alloy steels. Typical weld beads are smooth with fine ripples.

One source of this hydrogen is moisture in the electrode coverings. For this reason, the proper storage, treatment, and handling of electrodes are necessary. 2 Electrodes are manufactured to be within acceptable moisture limits, consistent with the type of covering and strength of the weld metal. They are then normally packaged in a container which has been designed to provide the degree of moisture protection considered necessary for the type of covering involved. 3 If there is a possibility that the noncellulosic electrodes may have absorbed excessive moisture, they may be restored by rebaking.

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