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By Tim Ripley

Книга о воздушной войне над Балканами в 1991-2000 году изданная известным издательством OSPREY

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I The company retained the higher operating speeds assumed in its previous work. The most notable features of the design were twin vertical tails located well aft on the fuselage behind a trapezoid planform wing. The vertical tails were sized to provide the same vertical and horizontal control power as four tails. "Our designers argued most over two tails or four," recalled Hardy. 'The whole Boeing Company got involved in the argument. We had special teams set up to study the problem. Two tails won out.

The YF-22 was unveiled to the public at the "Skunk Works" on September 291990, a month after its rival, the YF-23. The McDonnell Northrop contender, the YF-23, was a slightly longer aircraft with a cropped-diamond planform, vee-tail and flat-bottomed fuselage. The widely spaced shallow inlets were set well back under the wing while the exhaust outlets, without thrust-vectoring, were positioned above the flattened rear fuselage which increased its stealth characteristics which Northrop had been developing for its low observable (LO) B-2 strategic bomber program.

I 121, were abandonned. The only survivor of this carnage was the English Electric Lightning which was to become the first, and only, all-British supersonic interceptor. 25 and was capable of climbing to 50,000ft (15,150m) in one minute. However, it gulped fuel at a prodigious rate and had a maximum endurance of little more than one hour. Its dated monopulse radar was soon outdated but that did not prevent the Lightning from remaining the RAF's main air defense fighter for almost three decades, later lining up alongside a fleet of Phantoms powered by Rolls-Royce Spey turbojets.

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