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By Monk Henry, Mark Smith, Rob Eckhardt

The 1st folks SAILING's well known Keelboat sequence, uncomplicated Keelboat covers the abilities and terminology required to responsibly skipper a small daysailing keelboat. uncomplicated Keelboat breaks down maneuvers like tacking, jibing, docking and overboard restoration in an easy, comprehensible demeanour. utilized by crusing colleges round the nation, uncomplicated Keelboat is the definitive learn-to-sail textual content, released via the nationwide authority for crusing within the U.S.

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To release the line, pull and lift it out (thiS can be a difficult task under aheavy load). - Awinch helps you pull in and hold asheet. The friction of wrapping asheet around the winch drum reduces the pull needed to hold the sheet in. Awinch handle can be inserted into the top of the winch to provide additional power for pulling in the sheet. ED Your First Sail Leaving the Dock Like learning how to park a car, learning how to leave or return to a dock can make beginning sailors nervous. With a little forethought and only basic sailing skills you can leave and return to a dock without risk.

Run the larger line up through the loop. :::s E:: ~\\\I11I1"1II/III/III\~ part. ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~II\~ Bring the end ~\\\\\\\\\\1II1 ~ down through the ~ . ~ loop. t ~I'~ ~ §~~ :::::. § , ~\llIlIlfIIlf:\I\~ ~ ~ ~ :§ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~II/II\\\\\~ Tie another simple overhand knot, this time crossing left end over right end. Run the larger line down around the standing part of the smaller line, up over the edge of the loop, and down through the loop again. ;QIII/II/II/IIIIIIII\\I\I\W As you tighten the line the knot should be symmetrical.

Among its many applications, the bowline is used to attach the jib sheets to the clew of the jib. To tie abowline, put asmall loop in the line where you want the knot to be. Make sure the end crosses on top of the standing part of the line. This small loop will end up as part of the knot. Run the end up through the loop you just made, down behind the standing part, back up over the edge of the loop, and down through the loop again. Snug the knot together, making sure the knot holds and the remaining loop does not slip.

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