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By Hugh Howey

I reside in a tin can out at the fringe of area 8. now not a lot is meant to take place right here. Ships are meant to fly by means of at twenty instances the rate of sunshine. My beacon is meant to maintain them safe.

Things don't continuously pass like they're presupposed to.

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Wellstar Petroleum. ' They were standing just above him, near the edge of the rock ledge, looking under the flap of the tarp at the saucer. The man was in his thirties, maybe, and the woman was… well, with just the flashlight, it was hard to tell. Mid twenties. Late twenties, perhaps. Pretty, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a flight suit and a flight jacket. ' Rip asked. ' He gestured toward the woman. 'Not anymore,' the woman said. 'Now it's just plain ol' Charley Pine. ' 'Now I'm a civil servant.

Russian-made assault rifles, British army web gear, automatic pistols… they were ready to fight a minor war. Fortunately they didn't point the weapons at anyone. The rifles stayed on their shoulders or across their laps, the pistols stayed in their holsters. Still, they stayed alert. A bit of moving around by the Americans seemed to be tolerated, but two or more people moving brought a curt admonishment. ' Rip asked Haagen. ' 'That Aussie was going to look at the saucer with or without the prof.

Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with me own eyes. If that don't beat all! ' 'This saucer is the property of the United States government,' Major Stiborek said with a straight face. 'Damn, Major. I don't know exactly where in the hell we are, but I'm pretty sure it ain't the U. S. S. government property,' Stiborek insisted. Rip Cantrell shook his head in amazement. If he didn't know the truth, he would have been tempted to believe the major. 'Well, tell you how it is,' the redhead replied, obviously amused.

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