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By Vassilios Kotronias, Andreas Tzermiadianos

With this repertoire chess ebook, White gamers may have an arsenal of attacking maneuvers to defeat the Petroff-one of the most well-liked defenses opposed to 1.e4 and the alternative of champions. listed here are dozens of recent principles and theoretical techniques that the authors have rigorously built long ago years, an effective therapy of all traces and sidelines, and a wealth of striking and completely annotated video games from foreign competitions.

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If White refuses the offer Black hopes that he will be able to set υρ a blockade οη the light squares - which is probably true. f4. f6! 18 ~d3!? g4! allowed Black to hold the position after a series of very fine moves and apparently destroy White's last illusions that he can be better; for this to become clear, however, it Beαting Iook ηο less a player than Anatoly the best defender ίη the world. Black's inspired defence ίη Il1is encounter can be found ίη the Illustrative Games section too. LJxc3 11 IIxc3 This is Black's most consistent the Petroff as he Ilocs not concede the centre to White and at the same time nllltinues developing ίη a most II:Itural manner.

E3 'ii'rs 17 'ii'c2?! Beαting This move is a step backwards ίη the winning process; the attacking 17 ~b5! was preferable by far as there is simply ηο reason to lose time: 17 ... ~b8 18 d5! ~c5 (l8 ... f2! :h6 (20 ... d6 22 fCιxd6 cxd6 23 :ael+- and Black's position is about to co11apse. e7 Now Black suddenly obtains some practical chances by generating play οη the h-file. 18lί)b4? It is easy to criticise this move οη the basis of what happens later on, yet even Fritz considers it good! f2! g3+- leaves Black without a trace of counterplay as the White kingside is unassailable.

1Wf6! (the toughest) 38 1Whl! dl! xf5 41 1We2D+-) 40 f6!! g4 (The οηlΥ defence, but now that the rook is not οη a8 there is a big difference! f5 44 ~xf5 iVxf5 45 iVel and White finally wins! 37 'ifb] +- "d8 38 'it'b4! The culminating point of White's strategy; now Black's position crumbles as he cannot defend all his weaknesses. g4 Besides 6 ... e7, this is the only continuation with a concrete logical background: Black wishes to deploy his bishop to θη active position before White denies him the chance to do so by simply playing h2-h3.

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