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While this option can be very helpful if you are running your own Web site, or if you are the only one accessing the MySQL configurations, many third-party hosts have this set to 0 to block their MySQL hosts from accessing this command, primarily for security reasons. If you are contemplating having your Web site hosted by a third party and you will need this feature, you may want to verify that they have this setting enabled to save yourself some major headaches later on, such as having to manually input large amounts of data a bit at a time, or having to write a subroutine that inputs the data for you.

Its flexibility, power, and, of course, price make it a popular choice. It can be used to host a Web site to the general public, or a company-wide intranet, or for simply testing your pages before they are uploaded to a 12 Introduction and Installation Configuration secure server on another machine. Later in this chapter, we discuss how to configure your Apache setup to accommodate all of these options. PHP PHP is a server-side scripting language that allows your Web site to be truly dynamic. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (and, yes, we’re aware PHP is a “recursive acronym”—probably meant to confuse the masses).

Table continued on following page 19 Chapter 1 Setting What It Does variables_order Determines the order in which variables are registered. The default is EGPCS, which translates into Environment, GET, POST, COOKIE, and Built-in variables. We recommend that you leave this as the default setting until you are more familiar with PHP and the way variables work. In addition, your third-party host will most likely keep the default setting. This setting applies to all variables on all PHP pages, which we discuss in greater detail in Chapter 2.

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