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Руководство по обслуживанию самолета“Bf 109E”.

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Also available are the possibilities of allocatable arrays, assumed shape arrays, and dynamic arrays. These and other new features will be described in this chapter, but first of all it is necessary to introduce some terminology. 1 Terminology and Specifications Fortran permits an array to have up to seven subscripts, each of which relates to one dimension of the array. The dimensions of an array may be specified using either a dimension attribute or an array specification. By default the array indices start at 1, but a different range of values may be specified by providing a lower bound and an upper bound.

If SOURCE has more elements than RESHAPE, then the unwanted elements will be ignored. If RESHAPE has more elements than SOURCE, then the argument PAD must be present. The argument PAD must be an array of the same type as SOURCE, and the elements of PAD are used in array element order, using the array repeatedly if necessary, to fill the missing elements of RESHAPE. Finally, the optional argument ORDER allows the elements of RESHAPE to be placed in an alternative order to array element order. The array ORDER must be the same size and shape as SHAPE, and contains the dimensions of RESHAPE in the order that they should be run through.

Write a module which defines a vector type with x and y components and the associated operators ‘+’ and ‘-’ overloading, and a main program which uses this module to apply all associated operators overloading to the variables of derived type vector. f90) Manchester and North HPC T&EC 39 Fortran 90 40 Fortran 90 Student Notes Array Processing 4 Array Processing A major new feature of Fortran 90 are the array processing capabilities. It is possible to work directly with a whole array or an array section without explicit DO-loops.

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