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The demon is said to instigate cases of demonic POSSESSION, most notably that of the Loudun nuns in France in the 16th century (see LOUDUN POSSESSIONS). The nuns accused a priest, Father URBAIN GRANDIER, of causing their possession. At Grandier’s trial, a handwritten FURTHER READING: Henson, Mitch, ed. Lemegeton: The Complete Lesser Key of Solomon. : Metatron Books, 1999. Hyatt, Victoria, and Joseph W. Charles. The Book of Demons. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1974. The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha.

New York: Al-Basheer Company for Publications and Translations, 1998. , and Dinah Mack. A Field Guide to Demons: Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits. New York: Owl Books/Henry Holt, 1998. Azhi Dahaka (Azhi Dahaki, Azi, Azdaha, Ahi, Zohak) In Persian and Babylonian lore, a snake DEMON. Azhi Dahaka is Zohak in the Avesta creation myth of ZOROASTRIANISM, as the personification of the Evil One. ) Azhi Dahaka was created by Angra Mainyu (later AHRIMAN) and serves him. He has three heads and three jaws, which represent pain, anguish, and death; six or 18 eyes; fangs; and wings.

Salt repels witches and the evil eye. A test for bewitchment is the inability of a person or animal to eat anything salted. Inquisitors in the European witch hunts protected themselves by wearing a sacramental amulet that consisted of salt consecrated on Palm Sunday and blessed herbs, pressed into a disk of blessed wax. One means of torturing accused witches was to force-feed them heavily salted food and deny them water. Salt is a magical remedy for evil spells. An old recipe for breaking an evil spell calls for stealing a tile from a witch’s roof, sprinkling it with salt and urine, and then heating it over fire while reciting a charm.

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