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By Mike Magnuson

A hilarious and crucial illustrated box advisor that breaks down the tribes of the bicycling neighborhood: from the spandex-clad weekend warriors to the hipsters on road motorcycles who like to snort at one another (and themselves)

Anyone who rides a motorbike understands the bicycling global is made of tribes. From tattooed messengers to beautiful city hipsters to grouchy store vendors, they might appear like they continue to exist varied planets, yet they're united through their abiding love of bikes―and usually their overall disdain of different individuals of this insular international.

Bike Tribes is the Preppy guide of bicycling, replete with extraordinary illustrations that taxonomize the distinct conduct, garments, personal tastes, and predilections of cyclists.
Mike Magnuson, an avid rider, bicycling specialist, and longtime contributor to Bicycling magazine, covers the fundamentals of racing, etiquette, and clothing and kit, together with operating remark on biking tradition, poking holes in virtually each pretension within the biking global. Bike Tribes is a enjoyable romp throughout the a variety of subcultures within the motorbike community―bound to entice novices and grizzled cyclists alike.

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And as a consequence, the people who are drawn to cycling seem to be spirits who follow their own advice, their own guidance, their own ways of thinking about the world and how they ought to be riding bicycles in it. ” People who race mountain bikes hang out with other people who race mountain bikes. People who ride bikes for fun hang out with people who ride for fun. It’s a matter of group self-selection. Once cyclists become comfortable in their groups, they identify with these groups to the point where they occasionally think things like This is the way we do it.

Cycling, you see, is a nearly perfect form of exercise to promote weight loss. For one thing, it’s at least 7,000 times more fun than, say, chugging along on a StairMaster. For another, if a person cycles moderately for an hour or two a day over the course of a summer-pedaling with a high, easy-spinning cadence (this keeps the heart rate lower and burns fat)—and if during this period a person makes sure to ease back on the double-cheese pizzas, the weight will disappear as if it’s an anvil falling off a cliff into the sea.

They are just using bikes to roll from one place to another. They’re not posting pictures of themselves in bicycle gear as the profile picture on social networking sites, not falling asleep at night with a bicycle catalog in their hands, not spending a fortune on the clothing they wear to ride their bicycles. It’s important to know this because when we think about the social stratification of cycling culture—about roadies and mountain bikers and fixie riders and all the rest of us who make up the Bike Tribes—we are making distinctions that apply to a mere fraction of the total cycling population.

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