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By Lawrence Goldstone

Wilbur and Orville Wright anticipated even more than popularity once they flew around the sands at Kitty Hawk in 1903. Having effectively flown and filed a commonly worded patent for a wing and rudder layout, they anticipated royalties to be paid to them for each airplane outfitted by means of opponents. Believing they owned the concept that of flight, in addition they demanded licensing charges for each barnstorming flight and a reduce from the gains of each public air convey. Glenn Curtiss and different proud air pioneers scoffed on the brothers’ declare, arguing they'd all had a hand achieve flight. In Birdmen, historian and novelist Goldstone recounts years of criminal wrangling that slowed americans utilizing airplane for trade, transportation, and safeguard till the beginning of WWI. the writer additionally chronicles a four-year interval within which 142 barnstorming pilots died and swarming spectators picked their damaged our bodies and airplane for souvenirs. this era historical past provides plentiful biographical information for readers who get pleasure from rivalries.

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