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By scott crow, Kathleen Cleaver

Tracing a lifetime of radical activism and the emergence of a grassroots association within the face of catastrophe, this chronicle describes scott crow's headlong rush into the political typhoon surrounding the catastrophic failure of the levee in New Orleans in 2005 and the next failure of country and native govt corporations within the wake of storm Katrina. It recounts crow's efforts with others in the neighborhood to discovered universal floor Collective, a grassroots reduction association that equipped clinical clinics, arrange foodstuff and water distribution, and created neighborhood gardens while neighborhood executive companies, FEMA, and the purple move have been absent or useless. The individuals additionally stood along the beleaguered citizens of latest Orleans in resisting domestic demolitions, white militias, police brutality, and FEMA incompetence. This bright, own account maps the intersection of radical ideology with pragmatic motion and chronicles a community's efforts to translate beliefs into tangible effects. Resisting indifference, rebuilding wish amidst cave in, and independence from govt entities become chronic issues during this name to activism, demonstrating what may be performed by way of made up our minds members in severe conditions.

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The situation broke down even more with disputes between countless city, county, state, and federal agencies. But that is the way Power operates: control first and foremost, then attend to everything else. I had a general idea of where King was in the city, or at least where he lived when it was dry. But I didn’t know how we were going to reach him. We were not officially sanctioned by anyone in control to go in. Under all that water, the city looked vastly different, with familiar structures distorted into unrecognizable forms.

This country’s military could muster enough bodies to shoot to kill but not to send help. What kind of world were we living in? The nondescript metal warehouse had a few windows around the top edge. It was totally deserted. Nobody could get near it without a boat because water surrounded it on all four sides. It had become an island. There were dead fish everywhere on the ground left from the water that had recently been ten feet higher than it was now. And of course, there was no electricity; there was nothing but standing water and stench.

I had to ask myself some serious questions. What if I had to shoot someone in our own defense? Would it be worth it to help my friend King and others? We had risked so much to get this far. Were we now going to give up? How much was racism playing into everything around me? Was King safe, or was he already dead? The questions were hard. Some I couldn’t answer while others I didn’t want to answer. I was sick from the unknowns. We thanked the two men for their help and left them at their warehouse.

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