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By Dorling Kindersley

Every one name within the "Eyewitness" sequence is an informative, visible account of quite a lot of topics and pursuits. this actual ebook appears to be like on the global of boats, rafts and ships of either the prior and the current, from hollowed-out logs to luxurious liners. The ebook contains a historical past of the advance of boats, from Irish skin-covered coracles and North American birch-bark canoes to river boats, embellished barges and the seagoing galleons and frigates to the golden age of sail.

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These ships are built for holiday makers, not travellers. FIRST SIGHT DUTCH PRIDE Since it was erected in 1886, the Statue of Liberty has greeted passengers arriving by boat in New York harbour. Built in 1929, the Statendam was the flagship of the Holland-America Line. This company’s reputation for cleanliness earned it the nickname “the Spotless Fleet”. Cross of St George, the English flag To a new life Square top and main sails Lateen mizzen sail EARLY ARRIVALS The cheapest accommodation of the great liners was€largely occupied by emigrants, leaving their homelands to make a new life in the United States,€Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The handle on this portable fog horn pumps a set of bellows to produce a wailing sound, which alerts other vessels to the ship’s presence. FLARES AND WAILS This fog horn uses a cylinder of compressed air to make an earpiercing noise. As well as warning of a ship’s presence, it can be used to signal simple messages. Flares are distress signals and help to guide searching rescue craft. ABANDONED SHIP In November 1872, a month after she left New York, the mary celeste was found drifting in the Atlantic with no-one on board.

BARBADOS WATERS These measuring jugs and 27-litre (6-gallon) breaker are for issuing daily rations of “Barbados waters” – rum – to British sailors. Rum is distilled from sugar cane and was favoured on board ship because it kept much longer than beer. Common sailors were given grog, a mixture of four parts water to one part rum. ROLL OUT THE BARREL PORT OF CALL This is Portsmouth in England at the beginning of the 19th century. Like all ports, it had a lively and sometimes violent area where sailors could enjoy themselves and spend their savings.

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