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The sphere undefined, educational, and vocational skills is ever-changing. the hot variation of this functional advisor offers up to date info on all collage awards and over 2 hundred occupation fields, their specialist and accrediting our bodies, degrees of club, and skills.

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Kurtosis: A measure of relative flatness is given as ~2 = JliJl~ . For a norma l distribution ~2 = 3. Hence for any distribution, the quantity Y2 = ~2 - 3 is called the excess of Kurtosis. Curve s with values of ~2 < 3 are called Platykurtic while those with values of ~2 > 3 are called Leptokurtic. 5 CORR ELATION AND REGRESSION In a bivariate distribution where two variab les are involved, we may be interested to find out if any corre lation exists between two variates (variables) under study. The existenc e of a change in one variable, say X , in sympathy with a change in another variable say Y, is called correlation.

It is known that the estimator G* or G is an unbiased estimator for the mean M , and is also a maximum likelihood estimator of M. The estimator has minimum variance. The variance of G is G2 { e V/(n-l) [ 1+ 4 V2 + V +... 7) As n, the sample size, becomes large, G can be expressed as G) (asymptotic approximation) where GI = ex p ( x + ~) . 10) If the population variance is known a priori , the estimate G] for M (the mean grade of ore) can be modified by replacing V suitably. 11 ) G2 is lognormally distributed with M as mean and variance: M 2[exp (cr 2/n) - I] == (G 2?

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