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By Craig E. Runde, Tim A. Flanagan

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Luccock Conflict is an integral part of the life of teams. It is inevitable because teams are made up of people and no two people are alike. When people come together, they bring with them different ways of seeing things. When these differences show up, people can feel threatened, and conflict emerges. Interestingly, these same differences can bring excitement and creativity, as well as stress and frustration. In this chapter, we unravel the origin of conflict in teams and explore why it can be so difficult to address.

Although he dealt with them quickly, he was not always getting to the root of problems. It took effort, but over time he was able to change his approach. He consciously made himself slow down and ask questions of his managers. He stopped falling back on habitual patterns even when the pressure was on. indd 29 4/24/08 12:26:40 PM 30 BUILDING CONFLICT COMPETENT TEAMS He began to listen more carefully and make decisions that addressed both the short- and long-term aspects of problems. In addition to these factors, conflict involves emotion.

Relationships between employees and managers were strained because problems were not openly addressed. Shortly after she arrived, issues came to a head. The old director was forced out, and Fran was named to replace him. She had a different attitude toward conflict and saw the opportunities that it could bring. She began talking with each member of the management team to get their take on how to deal with the conflicts in the department. As a result of these discussions, she learned a lot about how the individuals she worked with viewed conflict.

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